DarChar (darchar) wrote,

Dark Lot P3

Leo had never been in any kind of serious accident. He thought for sure he had died in that crash. He opened his eyes expecting to see something he can’t explain, but to his surprise he was looking up to the sky. He looked down at his own body: covered in rubble. He moved his limbs slightly to check if he was still in one piece. Everything was ok, nothing felt broken. He lifted his upper body and removed about a pound of rubble that was on his chest. He looked in front of him: at the street. It looked like a hurricane torn through. Vehicles were flipped, on side walks, demolished, smashed into buildings entrances, or any combination of the four. The air was painted with smoke and dust.

            There seem to be no casualties as far as Leo could see on the street intersection before him. He could hear the streets echoing in pain and fear. A stirring in the rubble to the left, snatched his attention. A figure slowly pulled itself from the ground. Leo saw it was a person: Ace. “What the hell just happened?” He said when Leo caught his attention. They both looked around for the bus or what remained of it. It’s hard to imagine a vehicle staying intact after a collision of that magnitude. It had ended up several feet down the street, completely demolished. It looked like it came in straight from the vehicular recycling compound. They both got up, and both searched a bit for other survivors. Leo could see some of his school-mates rising and some already standing as he was, trying to cope with what lay before them. Ace turned to Leo and shouted.

“Damn, hey, we better get out of here before Tectum show--” He looked into Leo’s eyes. “Are you…ok man?”

            Ignoring the question, Leo began a sudden sprint towards the bus. There was something important that sprung in his thoughts. Ace followed not knowing exactly what Leo was running to. He darted pass the some of the students, jumping off of debris as Ace followed. The bus had somehow managed to land upon of several parked cars on its side. As the two entered the wrecked machine, Leo jumped inside and had to grab hold of something to orientate himself in the angled bus. “Yo, Leo we gotta go, the Tectum will be here soon.” Ace warned from the outside of the bus.

            “Lyn!” Leo called desperately. He feared for the worst as images flashed through his mind. He searched where she had been sitting and saw on the ground. He was initially flooded with relief but that quickly vanished when he noticed she wasn’t moving. “No…” he said quietly. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Lyn. She couldn’t be-. He crouched next to her, turned her over and put an arm around her back. No blood, no scratches. “Lyn… wake up.” He didn’t know what to do. His heart began to be overcome by sadness and time seemed to stretch. Lyn coughed just then. Leo was so startled that he nearly dropped her.

“…Leo…? What just hap--”

“I’ll explain later, we have to move, can you walk?”

“I think so.” Leo started to help her up when he noticed her staring at him.


“Huh? Oh, nothing.” Her leg was clearly injured so he offered his shoulder. They hobbled towards the bus ‘exit’ which now was a heap of twisted metal, and climbed down. Most of the kids were already heading away from the crash scene.

“Are you alright?” Ace asked looking at the bloodied leg.

“Yea, it’s just a bruise, no big. Thanks…” She gave him a weak smile.

“Dude, seriously what’s going on with this” Ace made a circular motion with his finger around his eyes. Lyn had the same look of concern Ace had. Leo was about to ask what they were talking about when he realized the present danger.

            “We have the vicinity surrounded. Come out with your hands up or we will use the necessary force.” echoed a mechanic voice from a transmission vehicle. Tectum Forces. The ‘Protectors’. The Fist of The Council First. Those bastards. They do nothing but abuse their power and treat civilians like dirt. People don’t like to admit it but there are some good Tectum enforcers out there. The main purpose of these guys, most likely, is to purge the Rogues. Strict orders directly from the Council First allow any Tectum or Tectum-like organizations; endow them with these powers and rights. What they do to us isn’t as much of abusing their power as it is enforcing it. They would stop at nothing to defeat, capture, or kill a Rogue. Even go as far as harsh-interrogation or killing civilians connected to Rogue activity. Rogueism is a serious crime and will not be forgiven. Period.

 The Tectum had set up a defensive position, weapons drawn and used there own vehicles used as cover. Leo could see they were just basic arms, not meant for extreme operations, but this level of strategizing and tactics meant it had to be Rogue related.

“Shit! Get down!” Ace yelled as he headed for a nearby wrecked car for cover. Leo and Lyn followed.

“You don’t think there talking to us?” Lyn asked listening intently to what the Tectum was shouting out of the loudspeakers.

“I don’t know, but something’s about to go down,” he said peering over the car.

            The three all looked. Tectum forces weren’t exactly concentrating on them looking at them, but rather further down the road.

“Your final warning, Come out with your hands up.”

The road behind was almost completely blocked by a mixture of car wreck, the coach bus they were just on moments ago, and the colossal 16 wheeler on its side horizontally.

They were focused on the semi-trailer wreck as one man crawled out from under the wreckage. He was at least fifty meters away, but Leo could see the ripped clothing, his tattered grim face and the blazing intent in his eyes. He faced the opposing line of Tectum with an unwavering, sturdy stance with the luggage of what he carried. He loosely held on to a large traveling backpack with his bloodied right arm. Ace leaned a little forward out from under the cover of the destroyed sport car to get a better look.

“What is that? What’s he carrying?” Lyn whispered eyes fixed on the man upon the overturned Carbonaine vehicle. Ace didn’t reply, as he was too concerned with the device the Rogue was pulling out of his jacket. He fastened it to his ear and began speaking.

“That’s a head set, but I can’t make out what The Crasher is saying.”

“…The Crasher?” Leo asked, questioning the name Ace had given him.

From such a distance, it would prove impossible to hear him, but they still concentrated on eavesdropping anyway. The Crasher must have been having quite the conversation with whoever was on the other end, because he suddenly started laughing.

“What the hell is so funny? Doesn’t he know what kind of situation he’s in?” Ace said standing up. The Crasher casted a quick side glance at Ace but didn’t seem interested; instead the Rogue turned his attention toward the Tectum blockade. Unconsciously, the Rebel man lowered his voice, even though he knew there would be no way the young group could possibly eavesdrop. Ace guessed he was communicating with other Rebels and he spoke for a brief half a minute, his gaze never leaving the police force amassing at the intersection.

“W-what’s that he stole…from a Biotechnical Facility!?” Leo cried out without warning. Ace and Lyn hadn’t heard a single word from the man upon mound and wondered how Leo understood him. They were about to ask him what he was talking about when the Tectum commanded The Crasher to surrender.

“You bastards don’t understand what kind of mess yer gettin’ into, huh!?” His voice seemed to echo for miles and didn’t contain an ounce of fear. There was a silence that followed that seemed to carry his voice even further. The only sound that could be heard was the clang of still falling debris.

 “Our operations don’t need yer meddling so if any of you fools have half-a-brain stem you’d just pack up and go!”

The Tectum were unfazed, about 26 officers had their weapons focused to put him down. Crasher closed his eyes and hung his head in contempt and reach for something in his back pockets. “Actually, I didn’t expect y’all to just go away, really…” he said calmly. There was movement from under the surrounding wreckage as he spoke.

“Guys...” Ace’s voice trailed off as Rogues, dozens of them begun to surface and readied various military-grade weapons toward the Tectum. Each and one had the same bloodlust in their eyes as the Rogue that stood next to them. The instant the mound of cars became swarmed with armed Rebels, Leo felt his face pale and the breath leave his lungs. He knew at that point that if he did not get of their fast, his life would be in danger. He quickly passed over the amount forces The Crasher had and knew this would be a small war. He saw a young man among them not much older than himself.

    “I was hoping things would get like this!” Crasher yelled, revealing two objects ejecting plumes white smoke from each hand.

“Grenades!?” Lyn exclaimed.

Leo jumped to his feet, “This is bad, we need to go, now!”

Crasher flung the two ordinates skyward as they exploded into two brilliant clouds of thick smoke that almost completely blanketed the sun. He bellowed “Come ‘n get me!” as his image was swallowed by the falling screen.

“Open fire,” the transmission vehicle said in its cold metallic voice and the sound of weapon fire filled the skies.

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