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                                                                                                                    Dark Lot

            “Get ready for first day at the academy, dear” Marina Walker said in a sing-song voice. She opened the huge curtains as rays of sunlight came bursting into the room. Leo squinted in surprise. “Time to get ready, you have twenty minutes to get dressed.” Marina warned as Leo got out of bed. Leo’s knees felt like they were made of rubber and he could smell the sweet scent of the marshmallow and chocolate tea that was being crafted downstairs. He could almost taste the mouthwatering smell of bacon.

            “Mm, smells good.” he thought to himself. Ever since Leo and his mom had been relocated into this household, Marina has been a little more cheerful. Before they lived here in this neighborhood, they lived in the slums of Lower Tallor, a place well renowned for its high Rogue activity. Leo and his mom are vicinenated to three other people in this household. A vicinen is family unit that coincides with another Family-Unit in living under one or more households. Marina Walker, Leo’s mother, vicinenated with the Griffin family unit. They have been this way for 2-3 years and among the Griffin family unit there are three individuals.       

            Kevin is a slim, good looking funny-guy that always seems to be smiling. He’s there when you need him and can trust him with a fortune. He‘s a great car salesmen. He makes the customer think that he actually cares about their current predicament, and that he’s trying to give them a good deal. He is around 30 and is married to an Asian woman named Jun.

             Jun is long haired, slender, and around the same age as Kevin. Leo doesn’t really know a lot about her, for they don’t speak much. She is always home late from her own job at a school as a calculus school teacher.

            Kevin and Jun have a daughter named Lyn Griffin. She’s the same age as Leo. She’s around his height and has black hair that reaches her shoulders. Rather sociable, he has been asked out quite a few times in the passed month. Of course, she turned them down, something about those them not being right for her. Leo knows this because she tells him about most of it. Leo’s never been one to engage in girl talk.

             Leo stumbled out his bedroom door as he made his way to the bathroom. As he passed Lyn’s room, the door was ajar so he peered inside. Lyn was sprawled out on her bed with her sheets almost completely off and her hair all over the place. The pillow-side of the bed was faced towards to the door and the bed itself was to the left of the room. She was face up and wearing only a vest and underwear. He was used to seeing her like that. Almost.

            “You’re going to be late for the bus.” Leo warned trying not to stare. She slowly turned her head up to face him with a “whatever Leo…” that got mumbled out. She mumbled something else but he didn’t hear. Then, without a word, she turned towards the wall opposite to the center of the room and continued sleeping in an almost fetal position. He went into the bathroom and began brushing his teeth.

            Leo is 16 years old. Not much of a social guy and always seems to be thinking about something.  He’s a junior that is about to go to Tobish Tagen Academy that is an hour away in travel time. He is to stay there for 3 years on the campus along with 5000 other students. The grades are good, 95.5% average to be exact, although he doesn’t put much effort into his work. Lyn shares some of his types of studies and is around an 86% grade average, but she’s really smart, maybe even smarter then Leo, just lazy.

            After Leo finished up in the bathroom he went back to his room to slip into his school uniform. It was a white button-up shirt with long sleeves, matching black jacket to complement if the weather called for it and black pants. The standard uniform. Here’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the past decade, Leo mused as straightened out his shirt. Leo ran back down the hall with his jacket neatly on his shoulders and stopped by Lyn’s room again. She’s was comfortably wrapped in sheets on her bed. Leo walked towards the windows in her room and removed the blinds. Light crashed inside. She covered her face with her hands in defense.

“Rise young grasshopper, the bus will be here.” He said with a grin. She sat up with a face of protest and squinting at the direct sunlight. Lyn got out of bed and walked to her dressing table. She picked up the digital clock.

“I still have plenty of time to sleep.” She said half dazed and crashed back into apparent slumber.

            Leo jogged downstairs, nerves jittering from the thought of moving away to

Tobish Tagen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of nice, cold, refreshing water. He shoved the bottle in his book bag as he walked towards table. He caught a glimpse of his mother opening the front door.

“Oh Hun, I forgot my E.S. card again can you bring them for me?” She requested

“Sure thing, mom” he replied.

“No need. I got them.”

Turning around toward the direction of sound, Leo saw Lyn on the steps, card in hand. She tossed them to Marina.

“Thanks Lyn. Oh dear I’m going to be late. Remember don‘t forget to email me every week from the Academy you two…I’m proud of you, both of you…” With a smile, she closed the door and left. Lyn and Leo commenced to eating the sizzling bacon and omelets.

“Excited?” Leo asked.

“Not really.” She answered curtly. “I bet it’s just going to be some stupid academy, with stupid laws and regulations, with stupid social groups.” She took a sip of chocolate.

“Come on, moving so far away for three whole years. You gotta admit that’s cool.

Lyn shrugged.

“I guess.” This would be a new experience for them both, moving to a new environment, meeting new people and carving a path into their futures themselves.

            Just then Kevin Griffin came into the kitchen from the downstairs bathroom. He made a dramatic yawn as he stretched his arms as if he were to hug a whale, and was wearing nothing but a bath robe and boxers.

“Ah, beeeeeeautiful morning. Is it not?” he stood gazing out the kitchen window. He grabbed his mug and began boiling coffee beans. “Smells good.” he said.

“The coffee?” asked Lyn.

“No, your breakfast. Seeing as you guys have to leave right now I‘ll be more then happy to take it off your hands.” he said as he scratched himself, grinning. Lyn turned around to face him.

“Very funny dad, we still got time.” A look of confusion crossed his faced as he turned back towards the front window.

“Oh? But isn’t that your bus outside?” Lyn and Leo whipped their heads to the window.

“Oh crap, the bus.” Leo said as quickly as he stood up. They both grabbed their belongings and ran towards the door. Kevin called out to Lyn.

“Yea?” she said turning around.

Kevin threw a bottle of nice, cold refreshing water to Lyn. She caught it.

“It’s going to be a long ride.” He said smirking as he turned around. Lyn thanked him and walked out.

“Bye Kev!” Leo shouted just before Lyn closed the door behind her.

“Ah, these kids grow up so fast… I must be getting old.” Kevin thought aloud as he made his way toward the sugar cabinet.

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